General Contracting

In design and implementation as well as environmental stewardship, Cabo Vida Custom Homes leads the way in the Green Building Industry In Costa Rica. We will take your construction project from the initial design consultation, throughout the entire construction to the day we hand the keys, all while attending to every detail of the project.

"Foam" House - Say What?

You read it correctly! We now have the exclusive license rights to manufacture "Step Tech Panel Systems" in Costa Rica. With 6' foam walls and 10' foam roof, our SIP houses have the most insulation of any other system presently on the market in Central America Boasting R-40 Insulation values, it is needless to say that you will not need to use the AC that often! How about 70% less AC and Energy Bills 70-8~. less than a conventional home built from concrete! All of that with similar costs of construction to concrete!l

Go Green!

GoingGreen is no longer just the cool thing to do - it is the only thing to do. With energy prices skyrocketing and with no end on sight, our customers can no longer afford not to go Green. We understand this, but we also realize that there are a lot of Green products on the market that just do not make sense. We look at every home, client, and design as an independent equation. We look for the answers and come back to you in order to make the best decision on how to proceed. Our team utilizes the best products from both a functionality standpoint (does it accomplish what we want), and then from a financial standpoint (does it fit within the current budget), as well as review the comparable cost savings over the life of the home. This approach will provide the customer the best bang for the buck, now and in the future! Cabo Vida Custom Homes has partnered with Pura Verde Home Energy Solutions to provide each client with an array of quality products that will help protect the environment. We offer off-the-grid living packages, LED lighting options, Solar/Wind/Hydro power systems, Blown Insulation installation services, diesel, LP, gas back-up generators, as well as Foam Panel Homes.