Our Vision

Cabo Vida Custom Homes is nothing short of a dedicated team of individuals that strive to build superb, energy efficient homes for clients who value creativity, diligence and resourcefulness. Located in the Province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, also known as "The Gold Coast", CVCH is a premier builder of custom homes, as well as a consultant for all remodels and other construction related projects.

Cabo Vida Custom Homes was founded in 2007 after discovering that there was a lack of understanding in local builders regarding the expectations of many foreign and local clients. We saw a need to provide better craftsmanship with focus on detail, clear and honest contracts, client/builder transparency, and time management abilities - all of which were not present in the current market. We were able to find a way to build successfully in this environment where cuhurally and bureaucratically speaking, things tend to take a little longer.

Costa Rica is a true paradise, and building here should be in harmony with the ecology and wildlife of Guanacaste. It is important for us to understand the goals ol our clients and to help achieve them. Because we think globally and build locally, CVCH is able to offer our clients the accessibility and support of a builder that truly understands their needs as well as being able to find them a solution while providing the stability and resources of a proven builder.

Ryan Bishop- Founder, CEO

Ryan Bishop, the founder of Cabo Vida Custom Homes, came to Costa Rica in early 2007 to begin an adventure in a new world. With over 17 years experience in construction, Ryan has built homes throughout Florida and presently holds a Florida General Contracting license. Ryan is a Certified International Realtor and also was a certified RAMJACK foundation repair technician, which lifted houses and buildings to repair sink holes and foundation damage. He followed his wanderlust to Guanacaste where he has actively participated in community outreach and education programs. Ryan is a firm believer that life is made to enjoy and that doing what you love is important. If you build with that philosophy, it will be evident in throughout the building process. Ryan enjoys creative building and finding new and innovative ways to build economically and environmentally smart homes. He was the first builder in Costa Rica to introduce the "Step-Tech" building method, which has provided muhiple clients with safe environmental homes while cutting down on their overall costs.